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Results improve when people love their job. We are delighted to have such enthusiastic employees here at Nova Search. Every month, we highlight one of our number that little bit more.

Employee of the Month is our Talent Sourcing Specialist Mona! Do not hesitate to give her a call if you are looking for new talents to your organization. 

Our values



We go the extra mile. It is hard to put our finger on it, but what we often hear, and what we understand from how the candidates express it, is that there is a personal relationship with the person who called them. This personal relationship also applies with our clients, where a close partnership can build up.

​We provide and receive regular feedback – both on things that are good and things that are less good. We give and receive feedback by default on our system and generally have a lot of communication with both candidates and clients.



Humility and respect – We are humble enough to acknowledge that no two assignments are the same, even though the title and industry are the same. We really strive to understand the assignment, and we ask questions until we understand what is required to be a successful employee of the client. After that, we can find the right candidate with razor-sharp precision.

​Craftsmanship backed by system support – We have web-based tools, down to industry sector (SNI) codes, which help us to map and build up our lists of companies. Then the craftsmanship begins – complemented, of course, by searches on our network of contacts.



We always treat our clients and candidates with integrity and confidentiality. That we have in our DNA.

​We also comply with the ethical guidelines set by the association of Sweden’s Executive Search Consultants (ESK).




Time and punctuality are what make us a reliable recruitment partner. It is no use being personal, precise and professional if we do not keep to what we promise. That is not to say that we cannot have delays, but if we do then we communicate the fact in good time and again keep to our promises. 

Peter Ek



+46 733 23 47 51

Cecilia Sax

Head of Research


+46 768 61 88 00

Helena Sävenek

Partner/Senior Consultant


+46 708 80 66 61

Monika Pavlovic

Talent Sourcing Specialist


+46 708 67 88 00

Mona Yusefi

Talent Sourcing Specialist


+46 736 54 85 34

Vivi Darwin Madsen

Senior Consultant


+45 20 75 93 60

Chanette Sandberg

Account Manager


+46 708 18 12 82

Fredrik Persson

Senior Consultant


+46 709 70 94 44

Olle Lagotto

Feel good-Specialist



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With us, things move quickly. We
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We do not make things over-complicated. With us, you know
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Making sure that the right person is in the right post is one of the most important parts of our assignment.
We are passionate about talent.