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When Sourcing for Talent

Experts on Talent Sourcing

Experienced consultants and our well-structured approach to our work in searching for eligible candidates, coupled with recruitment selection, means that we are able to offer you between two and four candidates in approximately 15 working days.

Fixed price is better

We know that price matters when recruiting. That is why we have a fixed price for our Search service.


Whether you have a question about Talent Sourcing or would like to find out more about us, you can start by sending us an e-mail!

What we can do for you

At Nova Search, we offer high quality Talent Sourcing and quick results through our experienced consultants, who survey, analyse, attract and present the optimal candidates for each company and post in a professional manner. 

We move quickly, but equally important is to ensure that each assignment is treated exclusively in order to guarantee the best possible quality. For us, identifying and attracting potential candidates for a specific post is a craft. We use well-formulated methods that place great demands on the right resources, experiences and contacts to secure the best candidates. The most obvious proof that our method of working produces results comes from our numerous satisfied and returning customers.


Short time

With us, things move quickly. We
know that you do not always have
much time when the time comes
for recruitment.

Fixed price

We do not make things over-complicated. With us, you know
what you are getting and at what
price. Every time.

The right candidate

Making sure that the right person is
in the right post is one of the most important parts of our assignment.
We are passionate about talent.

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